Survey Results

JV 1997

Thanks to a terrific suggestion by a number of the fans of this page, I've decided to post the results of my Jon Voight survey. So here are what you the fans, had to say about Jon Voight:


"His eyes, his lips, his nose and the way he moves... I've never seen a man who doesn't actually have a Hercules body(I'm a painter so I have the misfortune to notice these thigs - his shoulders could have been a tiny bit broader to match his height, just take a look) but who's so attractive and sexy and want-to-have-by-your-side... He's amazing, I really don't know what makes him so severely magnetic. His talent maybe... or his half-Czech origin... or just a gift from God which so few men have".

"His early films demonstrate a great screen presence and tremendous talent. His talent."

"His mouth. His eyes. His nose. His back and shoulders (especially in AnacondA). His charm. Everything, him entirely and altogether. There now".

"Everything, his eyes especially, and the way he walks."

"I think he's a great actor, and, even at 59-soon-to-be-60-in-December, still looks very handsome"!

"His acting ability, his great looks, great body, etc."

"His talent. He is much more talented than lucky, I guess... there are so many people who have less than a half of his talent and much bigger success. But I still think he is one of the best actors I've ever seen and I won't change my mind."

"The way he develops the characters he plays. He is a very giving artist, I think."

"He is a talented actor. Something hard to see nowadays."

"His talent. I really think he is one of the few actors that can play everything and everyone."

"I like... hm. I don't know. I like so MANY things about him. He is very talented. And very attractive. And sexy. And everything. But if I have to be honest the first thing I noticed when Sarone jumped on the boat (that was the first time I saw Jon Voight, actually) was his nose. It's so perfect. He's got very strange and very refined features. And he is so good at portraying cretins... With that angel-like face that must really be difficult but he is doing great!"

"His talent. He is a remarkable actor."

"I think he's a wonderful actor and from what I know he's a very warm and compassionate person."

"His eyes"

"His walk, his eyes , his ability to make the character so real, and his different accents."

"I don't know... I like him as a whole - talent, appearance, everything. He is a remarkable actor. And a handsome man really... No point to deny it, that was the first thing I noticed. But not the only."

"He's a real actor, not a movie star, really dedi- cated to his craft. Also, he's a very nice looking man. His lips are made for kissing, and bulit very good."

"His diverse acting ability and that i find him the most desirable man on earth."

"Oh, jeese... Everything."

"The things he does non-verbally. The way he expresses doubt and sincerity so perfectly without even saying a word."

"When it comes to acting, I mean REALLY acting in film, he is da' bomb! Always was, always will be."

"His eyes and his build."

"His acting ability."

"His easy going style, it feels so real like he's not acting."

"His acting."

"His facial expressions in the movie Anaconda!"

"The way he walks, the way he talks, his eyes, the way he holds himself, his smile, his talent, they way he is always helping people...."

"I don't like him, I love him. He is divine. And what's divine is perfect... so I like everything about him."


"Midnight Cowboy and Runaway Train."

"Deliverance, Coming Home, Runaway Train."

"Runaway Train, if I have to be serious. That's one of the few films ever made that can make you think. And, if I the question is about entertainment - AnacondA. He looks great as Paul Sarone (My God, my blood pressure!). That was actually the character that made me finally find out the actor Jon Voight existed!"

"tough question sorry."

"Anaconda (maybe 'cause it's the only movie that I've seen with him all the way through)."


"AnacondA, Midnight Cowboy."

"Runaway Train and Midnight Cowboy."

"Runaway Train, Midnight Cowboy, The Champ and Deliverance."

"Runaway Train."

"Runaway Train, Midnight Cowboy, The Rainmaker, Heat."

"The Runaway, Table for Five and Anaconda."

"Runaway Train. Daniel you old pirate, thank you for forcing me go to see it. A movie that made me think a lot... which happens pretty rarely."

"Coming Home"

"Mission Impossible"

"Anaconda, Rainmaker, Odessa File, Deliverance, Most Wanted, etc etc."

"Midnight Cowboy"

"Runaway Train. And Anaconda if I have to remember when and where I first saw him. Such a historic event!"

"Anaconda was fun and he sure looked good Rosewood, I love him as a nice guy/hero. Coming Home, very sensative performance on an important topic."

"I cannot choose "a favorite" movie because I love them all."

"AnacondA and Midnight Cowboy."

"Deliverance, closely followed by Midnight Cowboy. My favorite moment was when he was climbing the cliff with the bow and arrow in tow. He stops for a moment and to take a breath. But he keeps his wits about him. It's a great moment, he shows fear and control so well."

"Runaway Train. I've seen it about six thousand times."

"I like all of what he does. I really don't have one."



"Midnight Cowboy"


"Anaconda, Rainmaker, Deliverance, Odessa File, Mission Impossible, Rainbow Warrior, Heat, U-Turn, Champ, Eternity, Rosewood, Most Wanted; are you catching my drift yet, or must I continue"


"23, female"


"19, female (apparently!)"

"18 / f"


"Ummm... That's okay. You already know me! ! ! If you still don't know who I am: Look at the exclamation points and question marks that I use...! ! !"

"23, male"

"47, male"

"51, male"



"48, male"





"19 (almost), female. Isn't it obvious."

"AGE-40 sex-female"


"13 (All right! ! !)/f"




"35yrs Female"

"19 / M"



"26, female."


"I was told it existed, so I just had to look for it..."

"from aol net find under jon voight."

"I had been going round the Net for weeks looking for something about the man that impressed me so much that I went to see a movie I didn't like 8 times, when I came across that site. Thank's God somebody had finally made it!"

"Anything saying Jon Voight I enter."


"Net Search"

"I went to AOL NetFind and typed in "Jon Voight" and this was the first page it came up with. Happy??"

"I looked for it and I found it. THANKS GOD!!!"

"I'm here now and only that matters."

"Daniel told me. I noticed he is already famous around... A fan club, huh? You old charmer you."

"Found it accidentally"

"surfed on"

"I found it, that's what matters"

"I was so furious to find out there's NOTHING dedicated entirely to him when I made my first Net quest. And so hsyterically happy when I came accross your page about 6 months later."

"Found it on the Internet Movie database."

"Surfing the net."

"Net search... I think. It ws sooo long ago..."

"I keep searching for Voight on Yahoo and finally I found it."


"Net search."

"I searched on AOL."

"Internet Movie Database"

"Just browsing at the library for free."


"Ask Jeeves WebSite"

"I found it!"

"By accident."


"Why don't you put some wave sounds on it (if possible) so we can hear his voice? Or you can make a section with quotations taken from these surveys (I'm sure the others are at leats as "interesting" as mine, as far as I noticed most of the visitors are women. Don't you think it will be cute? I know it's just a dream but imagine - if he comes accross your site one day and sees what different women at different ages think about him, he'll have so much fun! I think the messages on the board are not refined enough for what i suggested, a page with quotations is a page of quotations...If these surveys are so secret or if you don't have the right to use them in this way, just tell your visitors about the idea (if you find it agreable) and ask them to write something you can use. The page is perfect, by the way, don't think I criticize. It was just a suggestion... If you want to tell me something use your message board because unfortunately I don't have and e-mail address right now. Greetings: Sonya."

"Some more materials about the movies, I guess. I'have seen nearly half of them - some of the oldest and most of the latest - but there are titles that are really impossible to find here, in my country. Otherwise the site is a pleasure to visit (that's my 4th time) - thank you for your good work!"


"Nope! But I looove the pics, trivia, bio, etc."

"movie posters...?"

"Lesse here... Well, a chat room... Oh, and a page that has the best Jon Voight lines ever. Like "Well, I'm not really a cowboy. But I am one helluva stud! ! !" and "It's been a long TIME... since I had a Woman."

"Some more information about the Runaway, the most unique movie ever made. Not talking about my desires - I'm sure my wife will enjoy a picture of Manny. She will."

"Some more information about the movies. Or at least about the most widely known. Pay some more attention to the Runaway, if possible - pictures and especially quotes. This movie does make enough sense to be cited..."

"It's OK as it is."

"A message sent by him."

"Everything's fine. I've been a regular visitor for some time and I find it absolutely great."

"I'd like to know more personal information about Jon Voight...likes, dislikes, personal relationships, etc."

"more pics"

"More PICTURES please."

"Is there any spot on your page that deals with rumours? It is excellent, might I add. My favourite site on the 'net. If you end up doing a page with rumours page or small trivia, a reminder: Do check everything to be sure if it's true or just for fun."

"It's nice as it is. Keep updating it and I promise I'll keep visiting at least 1298 times a day."

"More pictures, maybe bigger pictures if possible. Everything else is perfect."

"No not really,because I found out everything I wanted to know about him.You did a great job!I really enjoyed your dedication to Jon."

"Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Um... Oh yeah. If there could be some spot where we submit our name and e-mail address to be nitified when this page has been updated... Cuz sometimes I go on vacation or something and the *updated* sign is off the page by the time I get home and I never know... : ("

"So far so good, any suggestion is probably a good one."

"More pictures please."

"More Pictures From Anaconda!"

"pictures please, THANX"

"I want him to come around... Just once. Please, God. Please...."