JV Fan #2

In 1973 (in the winter or early spring) I was two years old. My father was a bartender or usher at the Studio Arena theater in Buffalo, New York. Jon Voight was there starring in A Street Car Named Desire. The media was all over the fact he was in town as he was an up and coming movie star. Anyway, one day my father asked him if he wanted to meet his family. My mother was a homemaker at the time and had a toddler (me) and an infant. Dad did not call to let mom know they were coming to the house for lunch. She had been cleaning all day and had her hair wrapped in a bandanna. My parents had just installed wall to wall carpeting and wallpaper in what was to be my new big girl bedroom.

The furniture was not yet delivered but being the 2 year old girl that I was, I dragged Jon Voight to my new room to show it off. My parents were so embarrassed since the room was totally empty. According to my parents he was very exited to see my room. Also that day Mr. Voight held my infant brother on his lap and played with him. Back in those days disposable diapers were just on the market and off course we still used cotton diapers. Well good old brothers diaper leaked all over Jon Voight's leg. OOPS!! My mom thought she'd die. Again according to my parents Mr. Voight was very gracious about the whole thing.

The person who sent me this wonderful "Meeting with Jon" wishes to remain anonymous, thank you for sharing you story :)