JV Fan

I had the chance to meet Jon Voight in Yonkers, NY. He came down to speak to a group of school kids and everybody was welcomed to see him at the Yonkers Public Library. This was a few years back, before he started making a lot of movies like Lonesome Dove and Mission: Impossible. He was friendly to everybody. He gave an enthusiastic speech to everyone.

Old friends that knew his father came down. I shot some of the appearance and took nice pictures with him. He gave me an autograph and stayed a long time just to talk to old friends from his hometown. He was great. He made a commercial with the school kids for the library, so I have that on video. I became a new fan after meeting him and I'm glad he was born in Yonkers like me!

This "Meeting with Jon" was written by JV Fan . Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience :)