Eleni Vohaitis

I met Jon Voight on his new movie Second String which is now being made (May 23, 2000). This film was being filmed at a soccer center right near my highschool. I was an extra in the movie, where I was a fan of a football team. Basically, this movie has to deal with the NFL. I saw Jon Voight in the crew and cast area talking to his co-star. (Im not sure who the costar was). Anyhow, I asked for his autograph and he was very nice about it, and he asked me questions like where I was from, where my parents were originally from, how long my best friend and I were friends.

He was extremely nice to everyone who met him, he loves signing autographs and posing for pictures no matter how tired he is. He also mentioned how he loves his fans because they care so much that they would do anything just to meet him. He seemed so polite and I didn't want to leave because he is so fun to talk to. I can't wait for that movie to come out, because it looks great and Jon Voight is in it. Well, that was my fun experience meeting him.

Please let Eleni know what you thought of her amazing encouter with Jon Voight!!