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Jon Voight Filmography

Film Name: Hour of the Gun  
Character Name: Curly Bill Brocious 
Year: 1967 
Director: John Sturges 
Supporting Actors: Jason Robards and James Garner 
Synopsis/Info: This was Jon Voight's first movie. It takes place during the days of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, depicting that memorable scene at the OK Corral. It should be available on video.
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Film Name: Fearless Frank  
Character Name: Fearless Frank 
Year: 1967 
Director: Philip Kaufman 
Supporting Actors: Monique van Vooren 
Synopsis/Info: I don't know much about his film, except that Jon Voight played the title role. To the best of my knowledge this is not available on video.
Film Name: Without Honor  
Character Name: Private Bill Mason 
Year: 1967 
Director: -- 
Supporting Actors: Andrew Duggan and Stuart Whitman. 
Synopsis/Info: This is a little-known film about the west. Voight's character is reassigned to the Cimarron Army. He then finds out that his estranged father is the post commander, and is very bitter. To rebel against his father, Voight joins the Dekkar gang, a group of thieves with the calvary on their trail. As far as I know this film is not avaiable on video.
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Film Name: Out of It  
Character Name: Russ 
Year: 1968 
Director: Paul Williams 
Supporting Actors: Gretchen Corbett and Barry Gordon. 
Synopsis/Info: This film is a comedy about a shy teen, who has a crush on a popular girl. Voight plays the girl's boyfriend, a football jock, who depicts a constant rivalry with shy kid throughout the film.
Film Name: Midnight Cowboy  
Character Name: Joe Buck 
Year: 1969 
Director: John Schlesinger 
Supporting Actors: Dustin Hoffaman, Sylvia Miles and Brenda Vaccaro. 
Synopsis/Info: Midnight Cowboy is a very controversial film, based upon the novel written by James Leo Herlihy that dealt with many disturbing issues for its time. Prostitution, drugs, and sex were among them, in fact at the time of it's release it was given an "X" rating!. This was changed to an "R" rating shortly after. Voight plays a drifer from Texas, who moves to New York hoping to make it as a hustler. His plans don't exactly work out, and he meets a crippled loner played by Dustin Hoffman. This is a very moving film about friendship and love. This film is definitely available on video, I recommend the 25th Anniversary copy. It contains interviews with all the stars and filmakers that dealt with the movie, and it's a nice rememberance of this terrific film.
Film Name: Catch-22  
Character Name: Milo Minderbinder 
Year: 1970 
Director: Mike Nichols 
Supporting Actors: Martin Balsam, Richard Benjamin, Anthony Perkins, and Art Garfunkel.  
Synopsis/Info: This film is a satire of World War II, based upon the novel written by Joseph Heller. The main character is a soldier, played by Alan Arkin, who's trying his best to avoid the craziness of combat. Voight plays another soldier, who trys to trade food for war supplies. This film is available on video.
Film Name: The Revolutionary  
Character Name: A 
Year: 1970 
Director: Paul Williams 
Supporting Actors: Robert Duvall, Mary Barclay, and Jennifer Salt.  
Synopsis/Info: Unfortunately I don't know too much about this film except that Voight portrays the character "A." I don't believe this film is available on video either.
Film Name: Deliverance  
Character Name: Ed Gentry 
Year: 1972 
Director: John Boorman 
Supporting Actors: Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, and Ronny Cox. 
Synopsis/Info: This is a tale of four friends out to enjoy a peaceful canoe trip that turns out to be anything but! Voight stars as a happily married man along for the adventure. The film is based upon a novel written by James Dickey, who also has a cameo in the film. Superb performances from the other stars, and this film is available on video.
Film Name: The All-American Boy  
Character Name: Vic Bealer 
Year: 1972 
Director: Charles Eastman 
Supporting Actors: Carole Androsky, Anne Archer, and Ned Glass. 
Synopsis/Info: Voight stars in this film about a man who wants to be a boxer. This is a hard movie to find, but it is out there on video. It's a nice preview for one of Voight's later roles in which he plays another boxer.
Film Name: The Odessa File  
Character Name: Peter Miller 
Year: 1974 
Director: Ronald Neame 
Supporting Actors: Maximilian Schell, Mary Tamm, and Derek Jacobi. 
Synopsis/Info: The Odessa File is based upon the novel by Frederick Forsythe. Voight plays a German journalist who happens upon a diary written by a deceased Holocaust survivor. He becomes intrigued with what the diary holds, and is determined to find a secret file that may expose a group of former Nazis. It is available on video.
Film Name: Conrack  
Character Name: Pat Conroy 
Year: 1974 
Director: Martin Ritt 
Supporting Actors: Paul Winfield, Madge Sinclair, and Hume Cronyn. 
Synopsis/Info: This film is based upon the book, "The Water is Wide," by Pat Conroy. It's a true story about a teacher, played by Voight, who goes to a tiny island off the coast of South Carolina, to teach a class of black 5th-8th graders basically everything! "Conrack" is a beautiful movie, and you really get caught up with the characters in the story. The teacher's dedication is so strong, and it's really very touching to see the bond that forms between himself and the kids. This is one of my favorite Jon Voight films, and I would definitely recommend it to any loyal Voight fan. I think this movie might currently be out of print, but should be available to rent.
Film Name: End of the Game  
Character Name: Walter Thschantz 
Year: 1974 
Director: Maximilian Schell 
Supporting Actors: Jacqueline Bissett, Martin Ritt, and Robert Shaw. 
Synopsis/Info: This film based on a novel called, "The Judge and his Hangman," by Friedrich Durrenmatt. Voight plays one of two men involved in a murder some years ago. Now one has become a detective, the other a businessman. The detective ends up investigating the businessman in this mystery, I'm not sure which one Voight plays. To best of my knowledge this film is not on video.
Film Name: Coming Home  
Character Name: Luke Martin 
Year: 1978 
Director: Hal Ashby 
Supporting Actors: Jane Fonda, Bruce Dern, and Penelope Milford. 
Synopsis/Info: This is an emotional film about a wife whose husband goes to Vietnam, and a paralyzed Vietnam vet who find love. a vet who was paralyzed and now stuck in a VA hospital recuperating. At first he's very angry and frustrated by his injury, but when he gets to know a woman who volunteers at the hospital that all changes. The climax is a whirlwind of emotion when the woman's husband comes back from the war and confronts them. This is a terrific movie, and there's a strong message that goes with it. Voight won an Academy award from his performance, so it's definitely worth taking a look at! It is available on video as well.