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James Spader News

JS from Crash

AUGUST 1999:

I just found out that Curtain Call will be released on video in the US July 13!

While reading the current issue of Cinescape magazine, they listed a US release date "SuperNova" as being December 17, 1999!

I've now heard that "SuperNova" may not be released in the US until January 2000 :( If anyone has any concrete information about the release of this film, I'd be very grateful!

"Slow Burn's" release is still probable for early 2000. I'll post more information as it becomes available.

The official "SuperNova" website is still not back up online yet. I'll be sure and let you guys know when/if it ever does come back.

If anyone know's of any other news that I forgot to post, please feel free to E-mail me I'll add on this page.

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