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Episodes #1 & #2

Original Air Date

July 27, 1997

Guest Stars

Jay Acovone as Major Charles Kawalsky
Peter Williams as Apophis
Brent Stait as Ferriti
Vaitaire Bandera as Sha're
Alexis Cruz as Skaara
Robert Wisden as Major Samuels
Gary Jones as Technician

Directed By

Mario Azzopardi

Written By

Jonathan Glassner
Brad Wright


This first episode continues where the feature film left off, a year later. When hostile aliens come through the Earth Stargate, Colonel Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) is recalled to active duty to figure out why. He along with some new members journey back to Abydos and meet up with Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) to figure out the mystery. Little do they know what awaits them as they begin their voyage.

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