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Art Bell Radio Interview

ART BELL: Hello Jon.

JON VOIGHT: Hey Art, how are you?

ART BELL: I'm just fine.

JON VOIGHT: Why do people say, 'How are you so readily, huh?' I really mean it, how are you? (Laughs)

ART BELL: Well thank you. I've taken to answering that one on the air by saying, 'Well a little pain in my left elbow. Some arthritis down my right knee', that stops them for awhile. You were raised in Yonkers, huh?

JON VOIGHT: Yes I was, do you know anything about Yonkers?

ART BELL: I saw a movie.

JON VOIGHT: That's it, huh?

ART BELL: 'Lost in Yonkers', did you ever see that movie?

JON VOIGHT: Neil Simon, yeah.

ART BELL: Mercedes Ruhl as Bella, what a part that was!


ART BELL: She was really excellent.


ART BELL: The power just went off and knocked me off, it was doing it last night and now it's doing it again tonight! Anyway, great to have you. You executive produced a movie I guess? 'Baby Geniuses'.